Having photographed more than 300 weddings over the years has brought me together with so many beautiful brides. And like no wedding day is similar to another, not all brides feel the same, as in … stunning! right away.

To help you ease into your portraiture and day-long photography sessions, I’ve gathered up some Pro-tips which will help you look perfect in your wedding photographs.

When you’re smiling

the whole world smiles with you goes the adage. Practicing smiling not only helps you relax your facial muscles but makes it easier on you when the time is right.

During your wedding day you will be smiling (a lot) both on and off camera, so a good idea is to tap on Red Carpet belles and mirror their expressions just to get you going.

Soon the tension will leave you and your natural beautiful smile will shine. On the day of your wedding give your lips a rest and also smile with your eyes.

When you connect with the camera, think of the memories you are making, immerse yourselves in the mood, even if you do not show your teeth, your portraits will look utterly charming.


Your eyes appear larger when you lean your chin and neck slightly towards the camera. Lowering your shoulder tip toward the cam and lifting your chin up will give a spectacular look in your figure.

As you do not wish your arms to look small, you can create a small space between your body and your arms. This way your torso will also look slimmer and your waistline defined.

Wedding bouquet holding

Unless it is a moment when you gently pose your wedding bouquet on your shoulder and walk, you don’t wish to appear as if you are hiding behind it.

Your wedding gown needs to show, and your figure should look long and lean when you hold your bouquet.

Tuscany Conti Di San Bonifacio Wedding Photographer

Hold your floral arrangement at your hip and keep your forearm at at 45-degree angle. Bouquet holding will also keep your hands occupied, the same of course goes for the moments when you get to hold your love letter, or wedding vow booklet.

Make a mental note to later address your florist with… a wedding bouquet should not be too overburdened (no bride wants tired arms) nor too heady (or else you might end up sneezing).

In motion

In motion images are hands down amazing.

Putting your entire body into motion, taking a stroll, clutching your dress and looking behind your shoulder, hugging it out with your bridesmaids, or adding a little dance movement will definitely render images you’ll love inside your wedding album.

The back of your dress

… may be the reason you fell in love with your wedding gown in the first place. Now it is time to flaunt it.

It may be a backless cut, a cathedral-length train, your milky veil skirting the floor… images that showcase the back of your dress will look flawless and remove the pressure out of looking straight into the camera.

Stairway to heaven

If you’re getting wed in a chateau, a palace in Prague, a mansion, a villa or even having your portraits taken alfresco in a garden, always look for a stairway, a balcony so your photographer can capture you also from above.

You can descend without looking up, or look up on the lens for a while. Your facial features will look so enchanting and you will even appear taller.

Powder your nose

If there is one very practical tip I’ve picked up from years of working next to top wedding beauty experts it’s this one.

If you have shinny skin, tap your T-zone gently. Dark lipstick is not always great for images, as it can give a pinched look.

Transparent lipgloss plumps and freshens, so it’s perfect for your wedding photography.

You may also wish to slightly moisturize your arms (and legs if you’re going to wear a shorter wedding dress).

I always do this on fashion shoots and it does change everything.

Tap into your emotions

Laugh, move, allow your photographer to tell you a story and let you imagine yourself in the pictures… And although you may not be able to resist it at first speak less because images that capture us speaking are not flattering.

One of my favorite images to capture is when my bride leans on her husband and he whispers something sweet, and vice versa.

Do you wish to know more little beautiful secrets on absolutely stunning wedding images? Upon booking my wedding photography services you will receive a full-blown Wedding Photography Guide that will make your wedding photography sessions a breeze.


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