Tuscany wedding photographer

Destination Wedding Photography


Capturing love is like writing a book: you need a way in.

And a wedding day, like the beginning of a new chapter has myriad ways in.

I’m here to ensure that your special day is captured from the stairhead to the last dance, in the most veritable, natural and mind-blowing way.

My balance of editorial flair, artistic composition, film expertise and photojournalist address, means crafting images that will rekindle emotions for generations to come.

Tailored to your vision and your one of a kind destination, each collection comes with a comprehensive, synergic timeline design, complete wedding day photography, pre-wedding and post-wedding event coverage, detailed travel agendum, and deliverables to fit your unique requisites.

Wow. I don’t even know what to say. The photos are absolutely amazing! All of them… I am so impressed. They really captured all the wonderful moments….. emotional and fun. Tomas made us cry and laugh all over again. Wonderful …

Emeline & Marc, Crete, Greece

Pre-wedding & Engagement Photography


Retracing your first steps as a couple?

Discovering a new, fabulous location that’s meant to forever assail you with nostalgia? Your pre-wedding photography deserves to shine!

Be it an afternoon soaked in milky light at a far-flung pocket of the world, a day in the city thronged with unexpected charm, a romantic dinner under the stars, or the couture and aesthetics of a lavish retreat for two, let those fine impressions be your real-romance entry point in elegant film portraits.

Design yours as you envision, or let me assist you with styling and art direction insights, locale proposal and state-of-the-art collaborations with the top creatives in the industry.

As for the rest? I will speak film and you can think magic!

Engagement Wedding Photography
Lifestyle photography

Lifestyle Photography


Along the course of capturing weddings and events, I have had the honor of becoming a witness to truly great company.

Fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, cousins, best friends, people being so immersed in the moments, honestly sharing their feelings of love and affection.

And these are the exact same virtues I pursue when creating lifestyle images, the joy and verve of a shared meal, the endearment of an occasion, the news of motherhood, a milestone celebrated, a sentimental journey that always motivate and shed light into our worlds.

My lifestyle photography services are always custom-tailored to your needs and location.

I’m humbled by the experience to pay hommage to your friendship, your family story, your collective style, your personalities, and your courage of being present, and putting it all out there.

Editorial Photography & Brand Photography


Editorial imagery has a boundless appeal.

There’s something tremendous about creating the ability for a brand to tell its story in a way that art and real life merge to perfection.

Every year I will selectively work with creatives, brands and magazines to producing quality images that fuse the tangibility of multi-faceted publications and new media landscapes.

My goal is to bring creativity, engaging visual stories, and dynamic energy to brands who wish to shine on present-day media.

Editorial Photography
Personal Branding Photography

Personal Branding Photography


A private photography session for creators and business owners, for dreamers and doers, for makers, artisans and story tellers.

By virtue of m├ętier I approach every personal branding portrait with a conviction that the expression of each brand, the people behind it, their values and personal DNA are inseparable.

This is why before we even work together on your personal branding photographs, we will explore deep within your craft and create images that are a genuine reflection of who you are and what you do.

Travel Imagery


To travel is to dissolve into the grandeur of the world and emerge reinvented.

Destinations are the cradles for our dreams, the arches of our past and the blueprints for our future.

A journey rendered on film is always fueled by passion for details, the story of each step an intimate one, but at the same time one shared with the world.

During my travels I love to craft visuals that signify the traveler’s intense absorption of the world.

Some you will find across the Press, and some you can acquire through my print shop.

Travel Photography



Welcome to my FAQ Section. Here you can find out the answers to the questions you might have before booking with me.

If there is more you would like to know contact me directly and I will get back to you within the next 24 hours.

Where are you based?

My base is in Prague, Czech Republic where I have my home. The Golden city as it is widely reffered to is equal to Paris in terms of beauty, with history that goes back a millennium, and one of the most charming Gothic-Bohemian & Art Nouveau backdrops you can get into your wedding images.

If you happen to be getting married in Prague, I’ll happily give your the royal tour!

Do you travel?

I have been a roamer since my twenties, and it’s been several years I’ve been traveling across Europe to document destination weddings.

It’s always so exciting to discover new destinations with my brides and grooms and some of my most hearted spots on the globe are the South of France and Italy, Tuscany, Spain, and the Greek islands. You’ll always find me ready to pack for Paris, BUT there is no place on this planet I’d say no to when it comes to bottling up the love. Whatever your destination wedding plans you can count this film photographer sold!

What kind of weddings do you usually shoot?

Every wedding is unique and all kinds of weddings are magical.

I have had the honor to capture over 300 weddings, whether lavish affairs, three-day weddings, intimate vows, elopements, cultural events and symbolic ceremonies. No matter what the wedding celebration you have in mind, my creative cells will be tingling with excitement!

We would like more coverage as we have a more extended event, can we count on you?

Need you ask? Nothing would make me happier than getting to witness and capture you with your best people.

You deserve to have a full-blown collection of wonderful images and chances are the more days your wedding takes place the more photographs you will enjoy.

If we have a destination wedding when will we get to see you?

As I wish to familiarize myself to both your location (especially if it is the first time I’m visiting) and your beloved ones, I usually arrive at your destination at least one day before anything happens.

I want everyone to feel at ease and know that you have me by your side.

Do you work with an assistant photographer?

It depends. Film photography is a very delicate and exquisite arte that is why in bigger events I work with a fellow photographer who is a master at digital, or film upon request. You see I do not wish you to receive anything “lesser” and no image should be missing from your collection.

Can you shoot our engagement?

Absolutely so!

I love engagement sessions and as part of my “THINK MAGIC” approach, I will happily guide you, help you style, assist you in scoring the perfect locations, offer you creative and artistic direction and make so much more of your engagement photographs.

If you are planning a destination engagement there are several things you may wish to know, so count me in to provide you with valuable intel.

Do you work with specific wedding planners and vendors?

A good collaboration is important to every special day if we want to achieve the best for you. Although I do not strictly collaborate with particular wedding planners and vendors, I highly appreciate a delectable team whose expertise and warm nature align with mine.

If you are asking because you would like some recommendations I will gladly connect you to some of the best in the wedding industry I have had the pleasure of working with, from florists, to venues, to cake smiths, to planners.

When can we contact you?

I wish you to know I will be here for you every step of your journey.

This means that from the moment you get to book my services our communication will be frequent and cover all aspects.

I will ensure you receive everything from questionnaires, to checklists, to timeline and notes so everything is ready even before I step foot on site. I mean it’s always best if we have a cocktail when we first meet each other instead of wondering if everything is in tune.

When will we get to meet you?

This depends on your wedding location.

If you are planning on getting wed in Prague, all we have to do is schedule a meeting day and a point to meet. I love taking my clients out in this glorious city and showing them the best it has to offer, plus some super special spots for their pre-wedding portraits.

If I’m to travel your way, then we will definitely have several Skype calls to talk about anything that you wish to know or share. At least a day prior to your events I will be there with you early in the day.

Are you insured?

I would not have it any other way. If your wedding venue wishes me to provide them with proof or insurance papers I will definitely do so soon as it is requested. My gear is also insured so you will not have to worry about that either.

Do you work with wedding packages?

Although I do have three different collections, all my services are tailored to meet my clients’ needs, which means you can add on or off depending on your requirements and events.

If you would like something very specific we can discuss how we can implement your collection and customise it as you wish.

Contact me personally to start working on your luxury collection.

When can we expect to get our images?

Within three weeks after production you can expect for your film scans to arrive.

I will then upload them in a password protected digital gallery where you can download them from on any device, order your prints from or request more photography products.

In any case you will receive an email containing all the timeframes and delivery dates during our post-production consultations.

Do you shoot digital or film?

My photography expertise began with film, then moved on to digital, and back to the analog magic.

The beauty, quality and aesthetics of film are undeniable, the ambiance unique. However, as film night shots are not always possible given certain lighting demands, I do shoot digital then. When you get to receive your images even your night shots will have the milky, filmy quality.

What kind of photography products do you provide?

There’s so much beauty in the palpable!

To me images are not meant to be stuck inside a disc drive, but deserve to be shared, touched and embellishing your home.

From prints, to books, to fine art albums, I will gladly advise you towards what to pick that suits your needs when it comes to photography products.

How soon in advance should we book you?

Most of my clients book their destination wedding photography about a year in advance.

That said, I will always go above my abilities to accommodate clients even with last-minute bookings.

Kindly advise my travel dates to see where I am headed this year, and contact me directly for each location’s details.

What is your booking process?

About 24 hours after contacting me you will receive an availability email and if you feel that I could be the one, we will schedule an initial Skype call to get to know each other better and discuss the first details of your wedding.

This consultation is always free and available for you. If you then decide to book my services, let me know after our Skype call to receive a booking fee quote, and a contract to sign.

Upon receiving them back I will reply with a confirmation email and schedule several more calls to get to more details and tune in all the necessary steps.

What other events do you shoot?

My expertise in editorial imagery allows me to document lifestyle events, milestones, maternity, family, anniversary and other occasions, to cover solo-journeys, and to work closely with cultivated brands and creators in need of extraordinary visuals.

That said, my trademark is wedding photography.

Do you edit your photos?

Yes. It is probably one of the most important aspects of post-production as my wedding photography is not only a signature caption but a signature palette and quality.

Film is not something to easily edit, as it is set. Hence a film photographer is a master of light, composition and aesthetic quality.

Do you provide RAW files?

You are obviously talking about the digital copies of the non-film images. Although I hate to disappoint, I do not.

I always make certain my clients receive impeccable photographs that are a testament to style and heritage.




Nothing comes close to the sheer gratification of paging through a gorgeous book.

A physical reminder of your journey, a beautifully printed fine art album, a gift to your beloved family and friends, an actual heirloom you can curl up and slowly go through, page after page, no glare screens, just soft, palpable energy.

Crafted by masterly teams of bookbinders, designers and paper smiths, your wedding photography albums will take the shape of your personal vision.

Fine materials, sophisticated printing and luxurious finishes will then be brought together to create a custom-made book, yours for life.

This is how every tailored fine art album comes to life.



Printing is a timeless craft. Tangible, physical, discernible, fine art photography prints give our most cherished memories an entire new significance.

Perhaps it is a statement wall across the hall as we enter our homes, or an envelope sent to a dear one filled with the laughters and romance of a not-so-distant time.

Admired piece by piece, effortlessly palpable, made of the finest quality printing paper, transformed into a piece of history.

This is why I believe printed images are so deeply rooted in our souls and never go out of fashion.

I invite you to discover a way to be moved by legacy in your hands.