Hidden in the dry countryside of Paros, Greece, there is a “secret garden”, just next to a monastery. As an oasis in a desert, this very old monastery¬† is guarding almost a paradise garden. Provoking not only your senses but also imagination, this magical place became a substantial inspiration for our bridal wedding inspiration in greek island of Paros. While the smell of lavender and lines of cypress trees created unique athmosphere of Tuscany, the exotic scents of mint, lemon trees, pomegranate and local herbs made everybody feel like during timeless adventure between the old walls.

The whole team focused on local blossoms which grow in Paros and created a very artful bridal bouquet consisting of dried herbs and blossoms. The eye pleasing color palette of the bouquet was in complete harmony with the hand-made hairpiece. The traditional greek olive branch shape of the hairpiece highlighted the historical athmosphere of Paros and become a true extension of our bride’s personality.

The extraordinary appliqué Berta wedding gown provided a lot of flexibility and also sensuality.

We are completely in love with such romantic bridal inspiration from Paros, Greece. The emphasis on traditional greek folklore, history of Paros and local blossoms let the whole team consisted of true artists create a very inspirational result.