From the photographer Tomas Dolejsi

With a near-intact medieval core of Gothic architecture sure to take you 500 years back in time, the Czech Republic is so much more than grim ruins and triumphant dynasties.

This stunning middle-European destination strikes a cord for luxury -venue coveting brides and grooms who seek out the allure of baroque mansions filled with the finest artworks and furnishings Europe’s artisans could ever provide.

From romantic palaces languidly perched amid manicured parkland to awe-inspiring gilded chateaux laced with pavilions and lush gardens, it can take a lifetime to explore the beauty in its entire span.

These were pretty-much our thoughts when we began designing this wedding inspiration with a team of incredible vendors and wedding artisans. Our goal was to delve deeper into one of the prettiest Czech gems, capture and showcase the multifaceted charm such a place can hold on film.

From the planner Sweet Chic Weddings

Known as the hidden heart of Europe, the Czech Republic is now slowly beginning to garner recognition among many distinguished destination wedding couples looking for the extra to the extraordinary.

If we were to design a wedding inspiration, we needed an Oscar-worthy venue. Kromeriz Chateau was perfect. Not only because the 8 Oscar winner “Amadeus” was filmed here, but because it is also a place of monumental beauty and opulence, rivaling the interior charm of the Versailles.

Laced with ornate fountains, sculptures, a lake, lily ponds, and Giardini Secreti, its vast UNESCO World Heritage gardens and courtyard cover a vast expanse, and its imperial halls, stuccoed interiors, gilded walls, and trompe d’ oeil ceilings are the stuff of dreams.

To set the scene, we picked one of the most beautiful ballrooms, the Liege Hall adjacent to the musical cabinet where Mozart, Beethoven, and Vejvanovský’s manuscripts are kept. It is really a fairy-tale setting, hence our decision to go for a palette of imperial blues, ivories, and golds.

Drawing inspiration from the Grand Assembly hall paintings on the ceiling, Manu Kreative crafted an opulent invitation suite with golden crests, wax seals, frescoed details, and blue velvet ribbons, plus a matching ring box for the couple.

The bride’s trousseau included Jimmy Choo’s (what else?), regal bridal hair accessories, jewels that were custom-ordered for our shooting, and heirloom pieces. Our bride wore two different gowns from Daria Karlozi, as many luxury brides love to change into something equally lavish after the ceremony.

Our botanical designer Kvetiny Do Puntiku created elegant and minimalist floral arrangements with buttercups, lilies, hydrangeas, and orchids.

All of them are classic, emblematic choices for black-tie weddings and elegant affairs, making certain our blooms also carried a distinctive and delicate olfactory note.

It was imperative not to overwhelm, rather italicize the surroundings; that is why our floral synthesis’s movement follows that of the walls’ artworks.

For dinner, we made use of hand-blown glassware, hand-engraved goblets, filigree porcelain, and handcrafted linen napkin rings that combed perfectly with our scheme.

As we loved the ambiance of the music room, we took our design a step further, turning the piano parlor into a salle d’accueil. Ornate meringue candy and macaron turrets are just the right way to welcome guests before the feast and a lovely pairing to a bride and groom’s wishbook table.

A final but essential touch was the floral decoration on the staircase leading to the master garden, a beautiful opportunity for our couple to enjoy more portraits and greet their guests.

We couldn’t have done this without our teams’ precious help and our film photographer Tomas Dolejsi, who captured everything so radiantly.