Whoever said that stately wedding feasts can only involve porcelain studded tablescapes? This wonderful mansion wedding in Rhodes, Greece not only married two different cultures but also several elements, both native and widely spread, to create a statement celebration thanks to the talents of Golden Apple Weddings.

These truly inspired wedding designers’ vision began with the wedlock of two different nationalities, that of a French groom with his half- Lebanese, half-Rhodian bride-to-be and created an inspiration that would draw on both their sides. The elegant villa on the hills of Rhodes island, Don Mansion, overlooking the entire island was just the place. Studded with palm trees, freshly manicured lawns, a helipad, gardens for days and of course a luxurious pool it was the ideal canvas for Katerina and Katia of G.A.W. to draw upon. Begining with the couple’s day one they niched out the coolest pergola to create a welcome feast for the guests, laden with all Mediterranean-Rhodian accents, colorful ceramics, bold blooms and local treats.

The goal was to transform the welcome fete into a true experience of tastes and palettes one only finds in Rhodes, where the guests would not just pick a bag of goodie-treats but rather have the chance to enjoy all the goodness first hand, by creating their own “treasure chest”. Made to order Rhodian artisan tiles, coasters and dishes that not only can serve as the actual decor but are there for the taking. Calligraphed paper goods, menus, and cards from Manousenia design matched the patterns on them.

An extended array of edibles and drinks was prepared, ranging from Koriandolino, a sugar-coated coriander branch that looks like a small tree inside a bottle of liqueur, to ““melekouni”, a pastry made of toasted sesame seeds, thyme honey, whole almonds, orange zest and cinnamon, and “talagoutes”,  pancakes made with honey, walnuts, sesame seeds and cinnamon. Fresh florals that matched the couple’s, orange, amber, and marigold ranunculus asclepias beatrix, wine leaves, hypericum and spray roses were prepared into neat bouquet and tied with silk ribbons, along with a piece of vintage cutlery.

The wedding dinner setup was arranged as the classical al-fresco Mediterranean meal, deliciously rustic with plateaus of cheese, local varieties of fresh herb bread, salty bites, dried fruit, and two bespoke, signature cocktails our mixologists prepared for the occasion based on the exact same recipes of the spirit and the sweets.

The styled followed tradition and is reminiscent of the ones we come across on the Amalfi Coast only this time every element came from Rhodes.  Our fashion stylist Kiss From Fleur, Anna Jill  and beauty experts, Agis and Mika gave the couple two pre-wedding looks one for the midday dinner and one for the poolside cocktail hour, keeping things fun-loving, youthful, and just right for a euphoric time under the sun and the stars!