Bridal inspiration

Bridal inspiration on the rooftops of a historical city bazaar? Definitely yes. This unconventional exposition of feminine and bridal beauty inspired by combination of muted natural colours and multiple hues of copper definitely attracts a lot of attention. Captured in the historical center of Brno city, on the very rooftops of city bazaar, this bridal inspiration goes beyond common and provides fresh palette of colours, shapes and details.

The goal was to transform the bridal inspiration into a true experience of colours, historical materials and floral elements. The idea of combining all these components with multiple shades of copper comes from Katka, the founder of SpK Wedding Planner. “We wanted to highlight the traditional materials widely used by local famous architects and put that into a modern perspective thanks to our florals delivered by talented Flower Bar.”

The handmade wedding arch, made of copper, represents a perfect match with historical buildings rooftops. After all those centuries they are greenish thanks to the process of material oxidation and maturing. The copper wedding arch will gain such hue too but now its shiny orange hue represents the modern component which fits perfectly into the venue and overall mood of this inspirational shoot.

Two brides were wearing wedding gowns from TyMomenty, while the luxurious earrings and rings were provided by a famous local jewellery artisan Korbicka.
The ceremony venue arranged by MaYuLu took place at the very rooftops of city bazaar, offering perfect views over city and other historical buildings. The use of natural elements was the goal: wood, copper, linen rugs, glass and florals created a very pleasant „naturelle“ of the overal wedding venue. The whole scene was accompanied with subtle chairs which did not attract any attention although they provided necessary comfort for wedding guests.

Two gorgeous brides, beautified by talented Marketa Kozak, were accompanied by their bridesmaids wearing Convertibles gowns. The choice of shades of green, beige and light cyan created another very delicate combination of colours. The overall colour palette is very eye pleasing and inspirational at the same time.

This bridal inspirational editorial offers a lot of inspiration thanks to combination of natural elements and architecture. The resulting images seamlessly melt together not only metal and floral elements, but also confront a touch of history with approach of contemporary artisans. These can be jewellery, gowns and even all the wedding venue details. Whenever you look at these photographs, you can see legacy combined with present time with humble, honest and creative approach.

Photographer: Tomas Dolejsi, , @tomas_dolejsi
Event: Wedding Bazaar 2020
Editorial: SpK Wedding Planner, @svatbypodlekaty @spkdekor
Wedding Gowns: Ty Momenty, @tymomenty
Bridesmaids gowns: Convertibles,,
Stationery: Trumade @trumade.original
Jewellery: Korbicka,, @korbicka_sperky
Bridal MUA and hair stylist: Markéta Kozak @marketakozak
Bridesmaids MUA and hair stylist: Martina Styling @martina_styling
Florals: Flower Bar @flowerbarbrno @studiofloren
Hairpieces: Design by MR @design_by_mr
Wedding ceremony styling: MaYuLu @m.a.y.u.l.u.