I will never forget that evening I had a dinner in Civitella Marittima, a quite village in the Southern Tuscany.

Sitting at the terrace of a local beautiful restaurant, listening to italian language, enjoying good wine and pasta after all day work, I realised, this all is Tuscany. Exquisite quisine, friendly locals, seductive language, stunning architecture, warm air that smells sooo nice and of course those rolling hills, vineyards and river valleys imprinted into my mind.

That evening, I fell in love with Tuscany. A place on Earth you can enjoy by all your senses. And today, I would love to tell you, why it is really a good idea to plan your wedding in Tuscany.

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1. The Tuscan Countryside and Sea

Can you imagine yourself sitting on a terrace of a local ristorante with a glass of Vino Nobile di Montepulciano, enjoying the lovely views over the Tuscan rolling hills and leaving all the daily hustle behind?

Now imagine enjoying this romantic view from your wedding venue with your husband or wife, on your wedding day. Isn’t it enchanting idea?

Either you prefer privacy of a wedding venue in Tuscany surrounded by endless vineyards and cypress trees, or atmosphere of a busy city like Firenze or Siena, you will find it all in Tuscany.

Tuscany wedding photographer

The rolling hills of Tuscany are so beautiful and unique that they are a designated World Heritage Site.

Located in southern Tuscany, the Orcia Valley (or Val d’Orcia) is definitely a very unique landscape. You can find the Val d’Orcia with its gentle rolling hills on every other postcard from Tuscany.

So you might not want to miss such photos during your wedding in Tuscany too. The views over these rolling hills that seem to disappear in the horizon with an elegant succession of soft colors, are truly magnificient.

If you love these kind of views, you might want to search for your wedding venue in Val d’Orcia region.

In case you prefer to be surrounded by vineyards, valleys and hills, then Val d’Orcia, Colle Val d’Elsa, Chianti or the lovely panorama of Foresta di Vallombrosa might be ideal choices for your wedding venue in Tuscany.

Of course there are much more beautiful places in Tuscany with lovely views, like for example Pienza. During my last visit in Pienza I spotted a wedding there. It must have been beautiful to be photographed there as newlyweds.

But don’t get me wrong… Tuscany is not only rolling hills and cypress trees.

Tuscany is a geographically heterogeneous area providing many different landscapes and views.

You will find beautiful views overlooking the ocean between Versilia and Forte dei Marmi or the gorgeous setting of the Argentario and Costa degli Etruschi. There are many wedding venues overlooking Tuscan sea, providing unforgettable sunset views.

Tuscany wedding photographer

In case you are travelling to Tuscany before your wedding to explore wedding venues, then the Tuscan countryside located between Siena and Florence (Firenze), will serve you as a good base. Why? Because you will be cca one hour drive (by car) from the most important sights in Tuscany (Pisa, Firenze, Lucca, Siena, Volterra, Arezzo, Val d’Orcia and others).

So why should you plan your wedding in Tuscany? Because the countryside and the views are so unique, you will not find these anywhere else in the world.

The views over the rolling hills and very old villages with it’s traditional architecture attract thousands of wedding couples from the whole world to get married there.

Tuscany wedding photographer

And it is no surprise their wedding photographs, when captured by a true professional wedding photographer, will remind them those special days for decades.

2. The Architecture & Art

Are you dreaming of getting married in magnificent hall of an old italian palace, or in villa of medieval hamlet?

Tuscany has it all… picturesque medieval hamlets, renaissance palaces, castles, historic villas surrounded by olive groves and vineyards. These architectural monuments will take you back in time so you can enjoy your wedding day in Tuscany as if it were 17th century.

I remember when I first arrived to Siena, I was simply overhelmed. The architecture is so unique and breathing with history, that you just simply can not walk through and not enjoy it’s atmoshpere.

I had this very similar intense feeling of history in Rhodos (Greece) when I visited the Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes.

I can really imagine why so many wedding couples tie their knots each year in Florence (Firenze), Siena, Arezzo and some other big cities. But there are also many attractive small villages.

I personally find small old medieval towns and hamlets so attractive… I can name Pienza with its amazing architecture, medieval atmosphere and breathtaking views. But there are much more like Montalcino, San Quirico, Montepulciano or Monticchiello.

I myself, as an artist, find Tuscany so beautiful – every time I am there, I can feel Tuscany with all my senses.

Maybe it is because Tuscany is a true historic cradle of artwork. It is no surprise, that Tuscany is the favourite place for lovers from everywhere in the world who plan their wedding in Tuscany in Italy.

And it is not a secret that many celebrities, artists and VIPs plan their wedding in Tuscany each year.

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3. The Quisine

When ordering a dinner in Tuscany, you just don’t consume your food. You enjoy it with all your senses. And usually with your friends and (or) families. Then you sit in ristorante till late night and enjoy being together with your beloved ones.

Tuscany wedding photographer

It is no surprise that Italian quisine and wine are famous worldwide. Planning your wedding in Tuscany means you will have a chance to enjoy the traditional Italian quisine and tasteful local wines with the ones you love most. Your grandma and grandpa will love the traditional pasta and reserva wines, while your friends might enjoy tuscan prosecco.

Whether you prefer wedding dining with style in some old palace of Florence or you are dreaming of al fresco dining under the clear skies of Tuscany, you can have it all.

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Tuscan wedding quisine usually offers a variety of cold cuts and sweet or spiced cheeses, traiditional soups, local white meats and Florentine steaks…

Many wedding couples enjoy each year those appetizing dishes combined with tasteful local wines famous worldwide: Chianti, Brunello di Montalcino, Nobile di Montepulciano and many others.

If possible, visit Tuscany before your wedding (or arrive at least a few days before your wedding day) and enjoy such tradigiontal treats as pecorino cheese, ribollita, panzanella, wild boar and of course Chianti wine.

I guarantee that Tuscan quisine will add another dimension to your wedding experience.

4. The Venues and Privacy

If you asked me about most romantic wedding places in Italy, I would say: Venice and Tuscany.

Venice is absolutely unique but from my point of view, it is missing one single attribute. That is the feeling of privacy. And you will find that in Tuscany.

Tuscany wedding photographer

When planning your wedding in Tuscany, you can choose from so many wedding venues that it might be overhelming. The best wedding planners in Tuscany, as Chiara Sernesi from Weddings in Tuscany, will help you a lot, but first of all, you might want to think about: what wedding venue in Tuscany do you prefer?

  • Do you prefer some old medieval palace in Florence or Siena as your wedding venue?
  • Or would you like to get married rather in some private villa on a hill, with lovely views to the countryside?

Both options are easily available in Tuscany.

Some wedding couples prefer the uniqueness of some of the most famous historic centers in the world like Florence. It is the home of Renaissance and fine art…. Man’s artistic skill has been framed there by nature’s gift of a beautiful countryside backdrop.

Also many wedding couples prefer the feeling of intimacy and the country atmosphere of e.g. Val D’Orcia and Valle del Chianti and many other Tuscan hamlets.

Some of the Tuscan beautiful wedding venues are even more secluded, providing aboslute privacy to your wedding.

I can mention for example Conti di San Bonifacio, situated on a hill, providing idyllic views over surrounding vineyards. The gardens and trees provide many opportunities for your wedding guests to refresh before the reception begins, while kids might want to test the temperature of a swimming pool… all in complete privacy.

And if you prefer to combine both of the worlds, you can plan your wedding in some quiet cosy venue and travel for your catholic or orthodox ceremony for example to Siena.

Important fact is that Tuscany, and your chosen venue or city, will work as an amazing backdrop for your newlyweds wedding portraits. And these spectacular pohotos will one day become your family heirloom.

5. The Weather

I have to admit here… I love the mediterranean climate. Especially during summer. You can enjoy a lot of sunlight during daytime and when the evening comes, you can enjoy al fresco dining with your friends and beloved ones till late night, without feeling chilly.

Season in Tuscany is long and warm. You can plan your wedding in Tuscany from May till October and chances are really high the weather will be sunny and hot (mainly in summer months).

The weather makes Tuscany ideal destination for your wedding.

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During tuscan spring (end of April till the beginning of June) the countryside radiates with colourful flowers everywhere.

Obviously July and August are the warmest months offering those spectacular countryside views with sunflowers and golden wheat fields.

September and October are also warm months highly recommened for your wedding in Tuscany.

Those warm summer evenings in Tuscany have much more positives than just dining outsice. You can for example rent a classical Vespa scooter and you will not be cold even during your late night drives.

Anyway, what more can you dream of than getting married under the Tuscan sun?

6. The “La Dolce Vita”

In Greece, they say “σιγά-σιγά” (slowly, slowly)… in Italy, you have a “riposino” (siesta).

The relaxed lifestyle of the Mediterranean is something I simply love. And I can assure you that if you plan your wedding in Tuscany, you will very quickly forget about all those deadlines, numbers and job duties as soon as you get there.

What can be more soothing to your soul than having lazy conversations with friends and family members while sipping a glass of wine, watching the idyllic sunset and just enjoying this beautiful place on Earth?

Yes, you can enjoy all of this even those days before or after your wedding in Tuscany.

Italian lifestyle, culture, art and also professionalism will ensure you will enjoy a relaxed and chic wedding in one of the most beautiful places on Earth – Tuscany.

And if you hire a local wedding planner (which I totally recommend), you can be sure they will handle all the organization and hustle so you can enjoy your own Dolce Vita!

Tuscany wedding photographer

Wedding in Tuscany – final thoughts

Someone told me once that “Tuscany is not a place on Earth. Tuscany is an overall experience…“. And I have to admit, this saying is right.

Of course I personally do have much more favourite places on Earth. For example I love greek islands (I’ve been to many of them, Paros is a real gem but pssst, don’t tell anyone).

But still, Tuscany is different… it simply can not be described, it needs to be experienced.

At the beginning of this post, I mentioned I fell in love with Tuscany. Well, I think I provided a few hints here and there…

If you are not sure if Tuscany would be the best wedding venue for you, just go and get there. Enjoy a few days there, travel a little bit, taste local quisine, enjoy the views and I am almost sure you will fall in love with Tuscany too, as I have.

Tuscany wedding photographer

Hire a professionial wedding photographer and planner

Last, but not least, I really want to mention photography point of view. I mean… when you decide to get married in Tuscany, be sure to hire a professional wedding photographer who’s work resonates with you. In other words, who’s photographs really impress you.

There are many destination wedding photographers who travel throughout the whole Europe, as I do. So choose the one who’s style and offer suits you and bring him / her there. By the way here is a complete guide how to choose a wedding photographer.

I also strongly recommend to hire a local wedding planner who will handle all the hustle, planning, designing and managing other vendors. Thanks to that you will be able to really enjoy your wedding.

If you choose wisely, I promise you will never ever regret such decision. Because your wedding album will become a precious family heirloom.

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